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Switzerland: Site concentration in Zurich City

Artensis AG has concentrated its locations at Baslerpark in Zurich and expanded its cooperation with OfficeLab, as the infrastructure at Baslerpark in Zurich-Altstetten is much more attractive for customers, employees and business partners than at Circle at Zurich Airport. This was one of the reasons to move the software division to the official headquarters as well.

As a modern employer, Artensis AG offers all employees the opportunity to work up to 60% at home. According to CEO Marco Cattarozzi, the concentration at one location is also intended to promote and improve collaboration among employees in a hybrid work environment. Despite the concentration in Switzerland, the locations for Software Development (Belgrade) and in Aachen (Sales/Services) retain their important role in the company's service portfolio. The decision to concentrate the site is expected to lead to improved efficiency and even better collaboration within the company.


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