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Artenis AG takes over the PAS Media business unit

Artensis AG will take over the business of the market leader for cloud-based artwork management systems "PAS Media" with retroactive effect from September 1, 2020.

The management of Artensis AG announces that it has taken over all business activities of the PAS Media business unit with retroactive effect from September 1, 2020. PAS Media is the leading manufacturer of cloud-based artwork management systems and was previously owned by Limmatdruck Zeiler AG.

Marco Cattarozzi, CEO of Artensis AG emphasizes: “We founded Artensis AG to serve the market for professional document and artwork management systems and applications with innovative and integrable applications. The takeover of PAS Media gives Artensis AG a broad customer base for the next product generations, from which the existing customers of the former PAS Media will particularly benefit. In addition, with the takeover of the employees, we will receive many years of know-how in the implementation and digitalization advice for the introduction and operation of the applications. "

The well-known name "PAS" will not disappear completely after the takeover, but will be retained as the product name for the cloud-based document and artwork management applications from Artensis AG.


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