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Artensis PAS Studio

Even smaller companies and workgroups don't need to be without a professional artwork management system! With PAS Studio, we provide a complete system for up to 100 users, with almost all functions used by large retailers and brands.

The PAS Studio Edition includes everything you need to digitize and automate creation, change and approval processes.
With PAS Studio, international structures as well as various suppliers can be easily integrated into the processes to ensure a smooth and seamless process. Trust in the artwork management system, which has been used successfully for many years by hundreds of well-known brands, retailers and industrial companies of all kinds (see excerpt from the list of references).

The advantages of the PAS Studio Edition:

  • Configurable for both simple and complex organizations

  • Easy integration into surrounding systems (ERP, PIM etc.)

  • Complete logging of user activities for complete traceability

  • Up to 100 users (upgrade to PAS Enterprise with unlimited users and additional features possible at any time)

  • Fast and cost-effective initial setup, thanks to "best of class" configurability and thanks to the experienced implementation team

  • Comprehensive search: With various search options, you can quickly find everything again in PAS Studio.

  • Restore function: If projects and/or archive jobs are deleted, they can be restored for up to 90 days. (Not like systems where you have to restore an entire system backup in such a case).


The included function modules:

  • Process management module for digitizing the entire creation and approval process

  • Viewer with version comparison and online comment entry and, if required, with various prepress control tools

  • Media asset management / object database for managing all kinds of digital assets

  • Intelligent archive for controlled data distribution

Optional function modules and connectors:

  • MS 365 module for online editing of Office documents

  • TWA module for two-factor authentication

  • Cost Control Modules

  • Connector: Azure AD for authentication via Microsoft Azure AD

  • Connector: ERP for integration with existing ERP systems (SAP etc.)

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