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Artensis PAS Enterprise Pharma
Apotheker in Gang of Pharmacy

The complete solution for automated and digital processing, release and distribution of labels and artworks for pharmaceutical companies

The PAS Enterprise Pharma Edition includes all the advantages of the PAS artwork management system with the special requirements for the regulated environment. With the Pharma Edition, the requirements for software in category 4 of GAMP 5 are met and the special hosting requirements in the regulated environment are also met. This also means that this edition always includes a test and a productive environment.
The Artensis implementation team has the necessary know-how for the system introduction to ensure a fast and regulatory-compliant implementation.

The advantages of the PAS Enterprise Pharma Edition:

  • Documentation Assistance and Support

  • Templates for documentation and PQ tests

  • Fully implemented logging of user activities for a complete audit trail

  • Easy integration of multinational organizational structures

  • Comprehensive search: With various search options, you can quickly find everything again in PAS Studio.

  • Restore function: If projects and/or archive jobs are deleted, they can be restored for up to 365 days. (Not like systems where you have to restore an entire system backup in such a case).

The included function modules:

  • Process management module for digitising the entire creation and approval process

  • Viewer with version comparison and online comment entry

  • Media asset management / object database for managing all kinds of digital assets

  • Intelligent archive for controlled data distribution

  • Reporting center for evaluating activities and process information

  • Administration module to customize all configurations and processes for administrators

Optional function modules:

  • MS 365 module for online editing of Office documents

  • Azure AD Connector for authentication via Microsoft Azure AD

  • ERP connector for integration with existing ERP systems (SAP etc.)

  • TWA module for two-factor authentication

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